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The Battle for Hearts & Minds

As we know, it is not a level playing field - the Tories and their friends have the money, the power and they control a significant percentage of the media.


If you have read books like `1984` or `Hunger Games`, you will know what these establishments/dictatorships did to get people back under control when their popularity was threatened. And for the Tories now - there seems to be a real threat and valid alternative to their philosophy which is about transferring all the wealth to the top - and they appear to be mimicking the strategies used in these books.

So what do they do .... they broadcast far and wide how popular they are - and bad-mouth their opponents at every opportunity. They use the 'fear' of wars, terrorism, the economy... This is how little they respect the majority of British people - they assume that we cannot think for ourselves and throw out a few authoritative sentences spoken with conviction by our PM to silence us. Sadly, this strategy works very well on many people. But we have to get wise to it.

You will have seen many newspapers telling us how 'popular' the Conservatives are now, how they are 'topping all the polls' and how popular their lovely policies are with the British people. And we can expect a lot more of this.

Ignore such articles and broadcasts - and certainly do not share them - because many people are fooled by a few soundbites (as we know too well) and the more they are repeated, the more they will hear them and they will increasingly repeat these slogans themselves to other people. We are all more easily brainwashed than we would like to admit.

This type of propaganda is sometimes known as `Psychological Warfare` or the political battle for `hearts and minds`. It is not a new thing but when one Party holds all the negotiating cards (the money, the power and the media) it is more effective in this day and age with the communications and technology that we possess.

So this is what we are up against and this is what we must counteract.

Basically, it is too easy for them to 'pull the wool over our eyes' - they are clever people, they have the best advisers and they use their knowledge of psychology to their advantage, along with every other influencing powers they can add into the mix.

We need to learn how to separate `actions' and 'words.' Talk is cheap. We need to learn to read between the lines. To understand political rhetoric. To pick out the facts from the fiction. What are they actually doing? What are they cutting? Why are they reforming and changing everything? Who are they rewarding and who are they punishing? Who are the winners and who are the losers of their policies and decisions? Are they representing your interests? Is your voice being heard in Parliament? Will you and your family be better off?

At the moment, we can still express alternative arguments and views to the government without punishment - they ridicule us and stick derogatory labels on us - be  we are still free to convey them, face-to face on the internet - via website, social media and You Tube.

So far the Tories have not exerted total control over any of these (like China and North Korea) - but they are beginning to use some clandestine methods via GCHQ to intercept and remove posts - and the Terrorism Act will give them even more powers to do this.

The Tories claim this Act is all about stopping crime and terrorism - but if it is used politically to bring down their opponents, you can see how dangerous that would be. WikiLeaks and Edward Snowdon have exposed this as a very real danger.

Just thought of this verse from the Bible: Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

Seems appropriate - we need to keep our innocence yet develop our wisdom - to strive for a better country. 

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The Battle for Hearts & Minds
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