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Actions will always speak louder than words


Trust me with the future of Britain says our ‘Call me Dave’ Prime Minister.

No David. We don’t think we can. Your lack of action speaks louder than your words. Based on your past performance it’s too much to ask.


 What a sharp contrast between Jeremy and David’s conference speeches. Jeremy, the man of integrity and principle, the peace maker, tells Labour supporters to refrain from personal attack on the opposition. While David, launches into a vicious, calculated, cut-throat attack on Jeremy which quite frankly made him look like a resentful child having a hissy fit.

We witnessed David being economic with the truth regarding the 89 year old man defecting from Labour to Tory and the woman with a foreign sounding name who couldn’t get a job until she changed her name to Elizabeth. It seems the old man joined the Tories in 1987 – so it’s hardly news - and the woman claims she didn’t change her name, she just used her middle name `Elizabeth` and said that she was a Jeremy supporter.

If we can’t trust David with the small things, how can we trust him with everything else – how can we trust him with the future of this country?

David’s body language was very threatening at Conference when he let out all his pent up anger about the success of Jeremy into this unfounded and ridiculous outburst: ' we cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love' and claimed that Jeremy regarded the death of Bin Laden as a `tragedy.’ Umm David … we can check out the truth!

What Jeremy really said was ‘it is a tragedy that Bin Laden did not face justice’ that it was a ‘tragedy upon a tragedy upon a tragedy’. Jeremy does not believe in assassinations, he does not agree with the death penalty, he believes that people should be put on trial and judged by law not war. What David should have said about Jeremy is that 'this peace-loving, justice-loving, Britain-loving man should be running this country that we love - it is a tragedy that he isn't.

If David is leading by example then it seems he is encouraging us to be a country of people who throw childish insults at each other and negatively label large sections of our society and tell each other lies/lead each other away from the truth. Yes David, it might be easy to attach negative labels to any group that might question or oppose your policies – but is it right and isn’t that bullying? From a PM - really? Shouldn't you be able to rise above all of that?

Labelling enables people to dismiss other peoples’ arguments and grievances, it enable others to write them off as undeserving and of being allowed any serious audience. It’s how inequality works – like racism, sexism, and so on. But isn’t David claiming to be looking out for all of us?

David allows himself and his supporters to label those at the bottom as ‘lazy … layabouts … scroungers … scum’ and allows his Conference assembly to applaud a Mayor who calls 80,000 British people in a peaceful demonstration seeking justice ‘crusties with nose rings.’  So then, that’s them all written off as far as the Tories are concerned!  

David’s serious attack and unfounded labelling of the Labour opposition as ‘British-hating … anti-Capitalist … extremists … security threatening …… terrorist-sympathisers’ leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  With David’s anti-terrorism bill being so open to interpretation it makes you wonder how far he would go to discredit Jeremy and if he would actually use it to eliminate his opposition. After all, the bill allows almost anything to be labelled and regarded as un-British and be criminalised.

Bearing all this in mind, how can David expect us to believe he is capable of sympathising with or helping anyone outside of his own class? At the bottom line, after the speeches are finished, he isn’t really and truly even prepared to listen and accept that there are any problems or than anything needs changing.

Hey David, there is one problem that you could solve very easily and quickly.  You could fairly distribute austerity to all sections of society instead of targeting the poorest to pay back the rich Bankers debt. Well? Will you at very least do that? Words don’t cut it. Time will tell us what you really believe and what you really care about.

Glad we are backing Jeremy and the Labour movement – the party of hope for everyone in Britain.

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Do your actions speak louder than your words?
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