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Demolition of the NHS since the Coalition and Tories:-

 The NHS budget was around £600 million in credit before the Coalition in 2010 according the NHS Trusts end of year financial results. There is a deficit of around £2.8 billion now.



* With an increasing population and increasing life expectancy the NHS budget should have been steadily increased year after year – as it always had been.

* Instead of an increase in budget each year - the NHS budget was subjected to very damaging cuts. Predictably it was not going to manage.

* These cuts to the NHS budget led to significant job losses – when there should be job increases in an ever growing service - and salaries have been capped for the last 5 years.

* Job losses meant that the NHS had to rely on expensive agency staff, therefore increasing costs.

* The cost of resources, drugs and utilities have risen – causing more expenditure.

 * In the past deficit was wiped out over time by inflation – but not now.

 * Borrowing and repaying credit is very cheap now – but this option has not been taken.

* The NHS budget and the staffing crisis are directly caused by government cuts. And the government must have foreseen this.

* Jeremy Hunt was appointed as Health Secretary, without a doubt to dismantle the NHS, he is the co-author of a book written in 2005 which sets out in depth a plan to privatise the NHS.

* We can assume that the PM never intended to protect the NHS – otherwise he would not have appointed Hunt because there would be a complete conflict of interest.

* The constant and planned cuts in the NHS budget have inevitably brought the service to a financial crisis point. The desired outcome for the Tories.

* Massive job losses have left the service thoroughly under-staffed. Again all helping with the general plan to move towards a privatised service.

* Parts of the service have been secretly sold off over the past few years to the highest bidder and privatised – but the NHS logos are still in-tact and to all outward appearance still seem to be publicly owned.

* The tax payers are heavily subsidising these privatised parts of the NHS without their knowledge or consent - and this is draining public money which the British people want to keep on funding the NHS. These companies also have similar tax deals to Google - so they are doing very well out of the taxpayers.

* Hunt now wants to impose a contract on the junior doctors which increases their hours of work, reduces their pay and which will threaten the safety of patients. All part of the plan.

* This will 'cause' the NHS to 'fail' more and more - and Hunt will use this 'evidence' to finally destroy the NHS.

* Some Hospitals are refusing to impose this unfair contract – but they have been threatened with further cuts and are being forced to back down by Hunt - with the TOTAL backing of the Tories.

* Many doctors have threatened to quit because they do not want to be responsible for offering a sub-standard service to their patients – which is an inevitable outcome if they are over worked and exhausted.

* Some doctors have moved into the already privatised elements of the health system for better contracts (better now - but this will most likely change).

* Statistics have been falsified to claim that the NHS offer a poorer service on the weekends and cause more deaths. (Exaggerated even further by the PM). This is disputed by Doctors, Senior Health Officials, BMA and their arguments are backed up by reliable statistical resources.

* Nurses will now have to pay for training (around £50,000) even though most of their time is spent working long hours with their in-work training in hospitals.

* Cuts within the welfare state are creating poverty related diseases – malnutrition, scurvy, cholera, TB, scarlet fever, whooping cough – causing greater need for NHS care.

* Cuts to social care are leading to more elderly people ‘bed-blocking’ in hospitals – and when the Attendance Allowance goes too, there will be a lot more people in hospitals putting more strain on the NHS.

* Cuts to mental health care are causing more serious problems for patients with longer term consequences - again putting  more strain on the NHS.

* Cuts to disability benefits are causing them other stress related medical problems - again coming back on the NHS.

* Pensioners’ poverty is also causing medical problems - which will have an impact on the NHS

* Policies which force sick people into the workplace are causing more long term medical problems and putting other people at risk of contagion. And the NHS will be responsible for picking up the pieces if there are any epidemics.

* For a government which claims to be the safest option to protect our economy and our services – they are doing a very poor job. All the evidence points to them destroying our services and our economy.

* Their short term savings are causing longer term problems. They are short-sighted. The cuts in the NHS were a false economy. But – they already knew that.

* They set out to destroy the NHS – and their plan is succeeding.

* Three more strikes have been planned by the Junior Doctors & BMA - we must hope that these change everything. That the government finally listens to what the people and the Junior Doctors want - and does as they promised to do in their Manifesto i.e. Save Our NHS.

(We have witnessed the same happening in our schools. The government wants Academies & Free Schools - so they set out to prove that all schools were failing and inadequate by constantly changing the goal posts. It is their strategy. The pattern works. They get what they want and convince the public it is the 'right' thing to do. But really - it is just what they 'want' to do - and we have yet to find out what is in store for us once they have achieved these initial goals).


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