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Sue Hayman MP, Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, responds to reports that the Government are considering new taxes on plastic waste, saying:

 "This looks like another U-turn by a Conservative Government in chaos. While we support initiatives to decrease the use of non-recyclable materials, the slump in recycling figures and significant increase in litter and dumped rubbish under this Government requires a far more strategic approach.

"One of the hallmarks of Tory austerity Britain is the very visible rubbish and fly tipping blighting our communities due to unprecedented cuts to cash-strapped councils and the lack of clear overarching objectives and policies from central Government.

"Ministers must now explain how they intend to invest in developing new packaging materials as well as enhancing recycling processes and infrastructures to deal with this further up the supply chain.

"Despite their warm words on the environment, the Government chose to vote against crucial environmental amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill last week. There is still an opportunity for the Government to get behind the remainder of Labour’s amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill to ensure all environmental law is fully transferred to the UK after Brexit.”

Sue Hayman responds to reports Government are considering new taxes on plastic waste

Sue Hayman MP, Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, responds to reports that the Government are considering new taxes on plastic waste, saying:


REAL CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME AND YOU - Have you had enough of this government yet? Or do you want to stick around to see how many more awful things they can do to us, or the people we know or hear about, before fighting back?

WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP - Our Labour Candidates MUST BE ELECTED into Devon County Council in order to challenge the decisions and policies that most of us oppose – the ones that undermine and systematically seek to eradicate our NHS, public services, welfare state, workers rights, human rights and to gradually impoverish our citizens’ quality of life.

WE DON’T NEED EXPERTS – WE WANT YOU - Work will begin in earnest in the New Year. What can you help us with? Street stalls, door-to-door canvassing, phone-banking, delivering leaflets; fundraising; artwork; writing; other? Or would you like to stand as a Candidate?

COMMUNICATION – People have short memories and most are not politically aware. We need to raise awareness – to tell them what is at stake if they continue to vote automatically without giving it proper consideration.

We must tell them: 

CHOICES- let's make the choices clear:

a) VOTE TORY and have a system of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - with no NHS, public services or welfare state; no affordable housing, no secure jobs - all temporary, part time or with zero hours contracts, less workers rights and human rights; permanent austerity with more poverty and homelessness; inequality - with the poor paying most of the taxes; an ever increasing deficit and struggling economy; with the irresponsible offer of the EU Referendum Vote hanging over us when they had absolutely NO PLAN FOR BREXIT.

 b) VOTE LABOUR - and have a system which SERVES THE BRITISH PEOPLE and will save the NHS, public services, welfare state, protect the vulnerable, reduce poverty and homelessness; provide secure jobs with a living wage; protect workers rights and human rights; provide affordable housing; operate with fairness, justice and equality in a democratic way on behalf of the majority not just the minority; and will build the economy and reduce the deficit. In the past 70 years it has been the Tories who have over spent - not Labour. And much as they like to blame us for the WORLD economic crash caused by the Bankers - they are wrong.

 IT DOESNT MATTER WHO WE VOTE FOR - BOTH PARTIES ARE THE SAME - People have said and thought this for many years – and for many years there did not appear to be much difference when the two parties got into power. It's why many don't bother to vote. BUT SINCE THE 2008 economic crash - Tories and Labour could not be more different.

In my opinion, both parties are rapidly returning to their traditional roots to protect their own – the Tories policies are moving more increasingly to the right, protecting the wealthy and big corporations, attempting to take away the rights of working people and some Ministers would even like to bring back hanging. A sobering thought when they are pushing more people into poverty and homelessness and perhaps forcing them into crime to survive. It seems that the Tory `narrative` has moved to the centre - but that `in reality` their policies are moving far right.

And so, Labour is once again taking on the challenge of protecting the rights of working people and has had to move towards the left. However, it seems that the left now includes much of what was once considered the centre ground. More working people from all occupations – unskilled, skilled, professional, small businesses – are getting a bad deal under the Tories and need the Labour Party to represent their interests in Parliament. The Tories talk the talk but in reality their attention is solely focussed on big successful businesses and corporations and they are neglecting not only the low paid but our skilled, professional, small businesses which were historically higher earners too.



Phone or email Lorraine Kelly on 07866231721 or

Give us your details and we will get in contact again in 2017.

Have you had enough yet?

- to everyone who supported our Labour Party campaign for the District Elections on Thursday 22nd September 2016.




In spite of all the negative Press and TV coverage surrounding the differences which threatened to split our Party – so many members and supporters remained loyal to the Party, stayed focussed, steadfast and determined to continue our local work – and against all the odds we provided the community in Teignmouth with a `Labour` choice on their ballot papers . This in itself is an achievement.

The Election Result: The turnout was poor, only between 24%–26% of eligible voters for each of the districts. And Labour achieved around 10% of the votes in every case. We were not successful this time – the Conservatives took East Teignmouth and the others went to Lib Dem. However, in view of Labour’s recent difficulties – we did very well for a town with a strong Conservative/Lib Dem hold. Therefore, we should congratulate ourselves. We can build upon this experience, learn from it, plan, prepare, organise and do much better next time. In fact, we will have another chance next May.

A tremendous effort by all of those involved - very much appreciated. Many thanks to:-

  • our candidates– Malcolm Tipper, Ruth Warburton and Bruce Mattock - for their willingness to stand forward to represent the people of Teignmouth on behalf of our Party;
  • our voters for choosing Labour in the polling stations and postal votes;
  • our donors for providing sufficient funding to conduct this campaign;
  • our researchers for collecting and summarising the main concerns of our community which formed the basis of our flyer;
  • our team of volunteers who helped put together, print, organise routes and deliver the flyers;
  • our organisers and volunteers who set up the Street Stall on 17th September and were keen to meet and greet the public, and hand out flyers;
  • our supporters and members who spread the word, told all their friends, neighbours, family and colleagues or shared our facebook and twitter posts;
  • all those who helped to promote our Party or candidates in other seen or unseen ways;
  • our Branch Chairman and Branch Secretary for overseeing the whole campaign.

Nothing is ever wasted - everything anyone does for the good of our Party will count towards building a solid base upon which we can grow and thrive in the future. Don’t under-estimate the strides forward we have made.  We have come a long way.

People will judge us by what we say and what we do – but our actions will speak much louder than our words. Therefore, we must continue to work hard; to reach out to our community and offer our help; to behave with care, concern and grace towards our residents; and to provide an alternative political Party which is ready and willing to take responsibility at the local level and also ready to be a Party of government in the not too distant future.

Inevitably, the effects of the Conservative’s austerity policies will become much worse here in Teignmouth  - more cuts, loss of services, hospitals and NHS, more unemployment, poverty, homelessness, lack of affordable housing, loss of educational or training opportunities, loss of EU funding, drop in tourism as money become tighter, and so on – the list is long.

And … The Labour Party will be here and ready for government, offering a different kind of vision for politics. We will be needed - and most people will not be in any doubt about that. Our policies will invest in the infrastructure, kick-start growth in the economy and we will bring back hope, opportunities, prosperity, better health and social care, redress increasing inequalities, bring back fairness and justice along with better overall future prospects for the people of Britain.

When the Leadership elections are over on Saturday and everything settles down – people in our community will return to Labour - the only real alternative.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Now - lets’ all prepare for the County Council elections in May 2017.  

A Very Big 'Thank You'

- to everyone who supported our Labour Party campaign for the District Elections on Thursday 22nd September 2016.    

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